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Mental representation of characteristics of a mental state image© Medwell Journals, 2015. The study represents investigations of an image of a mental state in life

The issue of mental and motor disturbances and correction thereof in children with infantile cerebral paralysis and moderate mental retardation mental retardation is a serious problem of modern recreation therapy. The goal of this article

Mental state representation: Spatiotemporal characteristics - the mental state representation-takes a fundamental meaning. The problem is concluded in the following

Mental characteristics of psychic states images within the temporal continuum "past-present-future"In this article the temporal specificity of the mental characteristics of the image of mental

Experience of Mental States in Children with Health Disabilities© 2019, Springer Nature Switzerland AG. The subjective experience of mental states has a specific

Типология форм менталитета цивилизаций и других глобальных . The matter at issue are mental special characteristics of individual

Pandemic: The view of a clinical psychologist [Пандемия: клинико-психологический аспект] mental health. These consequences should be assessed and analyzed in the future, but it is already clear

Value of "mentality" and "mental" concepts in Russian, English and French of researchers nowadays. One of the concepts that are difficult to detect, includes the concept of mentality

Mental state imageMental state image, including its phenomenological nature, structural organization, temporal

The relationships of mental states and intellectual processes in the learning activities of students© Author(s).Investigation of the interaction of mental states and cognitive processes

Страница 2 из 557