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Mental state representation: Spatiotemporal characteristics - the mental state representation-takes a fundamental meaning. The problem is concluded in the following

Mental characteristics of psychic states images within the temporal continuum "past-present-future"In this article the temporal specificity of the mental characteristics of the image of mental

MENTAL HEALTH AS A FACTOR OF SAFETY AND WELL-BEING OF THE NATIONAt present, there is a tendency to change the structure of mental pathology with an increase

INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN THE MENTAL REGION ACCORDING TO MACROANATOMICAL STUDY DATAObjective: Anatomizing the mental spine area, nutrient foramen system, and mandibular canal

Mental states peculiarities of students proclivity for drug addiction their mental states. The features of mental students’ conditions of drug addictionproclivity, the features

Reflection and mental state in different forms of learning activity of studentsIn the context of study of mental states' reflexive regulation, the results of studies

The main types of mental information processing: a systematic structural methodThe article describes the main types of mental information processing in the context of a

Influence of mental states on reflexive processes in academic activity© 2016 Prokhorov, Chernov and Yusupov.The increasing role of mental states in students’ academic

Comparative study of mental activity of primary school students with different clinical forms of cerebral palsy with musculoskeletal disorders is possible given that the specific features of their mental activity are taken

Realization of the Right to Health by People with Mental IllnessesThe article focuses on the problems that arise in the process of realization by people with mental

Страница 3 из 557