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Severity of opiate intoxication to gender and age. heroin intoxication, by taking into account gender- and age-related differences. The median lethal

Structural organization of the glandular apparatus of the cecum in aged and elderly persons [Osobennosti strukturnoi organizatsii zhelezistogo apparata v razlichnykh otdelakh slepoi kishki u liudei pozhilogo i starcheskogo vozrasta.] studied in 45 healthy people who died at the age of 60-92. It was demonstrated that glands of different

Age-, sex- and pigment-reagent-specific parasympathetic responses of mesencephalic stem individuals. Photoreaction of the pupils was declining with age contrary to the reciprocacy rate which

Correlation between expression of androgen receptors and the degree of cell differentiation in human prostate cancer [Sootnoshenie mezhdu ékspressiei retseptorov k androgenam i stepen'iu differentsirovki pri rake predstatel'noi zhelezy cheloveka.] in epithelial cells of benign or malignant tumors in the prostate of aged men. The benign tumors were

Morphological characteristics of glands of the ileocecal angle sphincter region in adults [Morfologicheskaia kharakteristika zhelez v oblasti sfinkterov podvzdoshno-slepokishechnogo ugla u vzroslogo cheloveka.]. The material was obtained from cadaveres of 28 men and women who died at the age of 60-67. The causes

RAGWEED ALLERGY IN THE SOUTH OF RUSSIA - IN THE CHECHEN REPUBLIC surveyed аllergy (skin prick tests with 13 inhalant allergens) from 845 patients aged 4-68 years, in Urus

The book series "Mediaevalia" as a reflection of research field in RussiaThe article is an analytical review on the book series "Mediaevalia. The Middle Ages as historical

Etiology and pathogenesis of glomus tumours (chemodectomas) of the base of the skullmiddle aged

Prognosis for relapse of gastroduodenal ulcer bleedingmiddle aged

Necropolises and burial sites on the Island of Sviyazhsk case study of archaeological data managed to track the planning features of the development of Sviyazhsk island mountain of the late Middle

Страница 1 из 1763