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The modular structure of the adaptive machine learning system

Integration experience of Belgorod State National Research University into innovation system of Belgorod Oblast and its leading regional industrial mining and metallurgical cluster

State regulation features of university integration into national innovative system in the light of "triple helix" modern concept

Properties of carbon coatings obtained by pulsed high power methods of vacuum-arc and magnetron sputtering

Creation of automated control system of environmental safety of an industrial complex

Analysis of regression relationship between the number of organisations of the Russian Regional innovation infrastructure and the university Infrastructure and the gross regional product

Geotechnical monitoring of the objects based on the method of inclinometric control of own frequencies

Structure and stresses in a system of two mechanical twins in titanium

Effect of Cr and Zr on phase stability of refractory Al-Cr-Nb-Ti-V-Zr high-entropy alloys of refractory AlCrxNbTiV and AlNbTiVZrx (x ¼ 0e1.5) high-entropy alloys was studied. The differences

Properties of a ceramic pyroelectric X-ray generator as dependent on residual-gas pressure

Страница 1 из 10489