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Academician S. F. Platonov and Crimean Studies

The role of the joint venture “Sovhispan” in the normalization of the soviet-spanish bilateral relations

Student migration from the CIS countries to Russia and problems of intercultural communication formation in an international student environment

La experiencia de la adaptacion social y la integracion de los migrantes en Rusia a la luz de la crisis europea de migracion

REVIEW of the article by E.A. Bogdanova “Russian emigration to Latin America: features, role and importance of Russian emigration to Paraguay”


Ideology and Practice of Labour Populist-Socialistic Party in a Modern Russian Historiography.A. Fedorenko, and. A.V. Sypchenko, M.I. Leonov and others to whom managed to look in a new fashion

Bureaucratism in an industrial and daily life of the Soviet workers by the eyes of political opposition and satirists of 1920s

Nepomnyashchiy, Andrey A. Akademik S. F. Platonov i krymovedenie [Academician S.F. Platonov and Crimean Studies]. Belgorod: Konstanta Publ., 2018, 216 p. (Series:“Biobibliography of Crimean Studies.” Vol. 27)

The mission of the russian red cross society (the old organization) and a private charity in latin america in the 1920s and 1930s

Страница 1 из 67859