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Observation of stars from the lunar surface: Estimation inaccuracy of the physical libration parameters in dependence on errors of stellar coordinates in stellar catalogues

New anthropochore millipedes in the faunas of Asian Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan (Diplopoda)

Use of multiparametric analysis of meteor showers for their parental bodies' genetic parameters determination

Information Transformation Algorithms in Echo-Holography

Information entropy method and the description of echo hologram formation in gaseous media

Coherent Optical Information Processing Using a Stimulated Echo Hologram

Frequency-Temporal Correlation of Inhomogeneous Broadening for Different Modes of Excitation of Stimulated Photon Echo

Effectiveness of Locking a Stimulated Photon Echo in a Three-Level System, Depending on the Mutual Orientation of Standing Waves of Nonresonant Laser Pulses

Effect of Collisions on the Form of Stimulated Photon Echo in a Gas

Two-Channel Hologram Recording Using Photon Echo in Three-Level Systems

Страница 5 из 67859