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Subgrain formation and evolution during the deformation of an Al-Mg-Sc alloy at elevated temperatures

Superplastic blow forming of 2219 aluminum alloy

Effect of liquid phase on superplastic behavior of a modified 6061 aluminum alloy

Effect of Cu and Zr additions on the superplastic behavior of 6061 aluminum alloy

Superplastic behavior of an Al-Mg alloy at elevated temperatures

Grain refinement and superplastic behaviour of a modified 6061 aluminium alloy

High strain rate superplasticity in a continuously recrystallized Al-6%Mg-0.3%Sc alloy

Genes of tumor necrosis factors and their receptors and the primary open angle glaucoma in the population of Central RussiaTo examine the association of genetic polymorphisms (-308)G/A TNFα, (+250)A/G Ltα, (+36)A/G TNFR1

Effect of Al on structure and mechanical properties of Fe-Mn-Cr-Ni-Al non-equiatomic high entropy alloys with high Fe content

Effect of second phase particles on mechanical properties and grain growth in a CoCrFeMnNi high entropy alloy

Страница 1 из 67859