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Ecological and geochemical features of the distribution of trace elements in virgin and arable chernozems

Relationship of agro soil humus content and their structure state

Peculiarities of the structure of soil cover in the industrial zone of the mining enterprises of the Belgorod region

Structural-aggregate composition and water resistance structure of agrochernozems in the zone of influence of the mining enterprises : on the example of Gubkinsky district of the Belgorod region

Ecological-geochemical features of the trace elements distribution in arable soils and parent bedrocks in the conditions of slope relief

Geochemical features of soils in the industrial area of the mining complex

Evolution of Soil Carbon Storage and Morphometric Properties of Afforested Soils in the U.S. Great Plains

Modern geochemical situation in the area of mining facilities of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (by the example of Mikhailovsky GOK)

Anthropogenic evolution of dark gray forest-steppe soils in the southern part of the central russian upland

Влияние полезащитных полос на актуальную кислотность черноземов

Страница 1 из 46958