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Опыт применения портативного оптико-эмиссионного спектрометра для контроля химического состава горячекатаного проката с целью выполнения требований потребителяExperience of application of a portable optico-emission spectrometer for monitoring of chemical

Возможности спектрального анализа элементов УФ спектра в стали с помощью портативных оптико-эмиссионных спектрометровSpectral analysis of UV-spectrum elements in steel using portable optical emission spectrometers

Assessment of the volume activity of α-radioactive wastes on surface and specific contamination by portable γ-spectrometry method-emitting radionuclides by portable γ-spectrometers. It has been found that for germanium detectors with an absolute

Anthropogenic soils and landscapes of European Russia: Summer school from sea to sea—A didactic prototype of urban ecosystems, we used express techniques (portable X-ray fluorescence, infrared gas analyzers

Peak window correlation method for drug screening using Raman spectroscopy© 2018 Elsevier B.V. Modern portable and hand-held Raman spectrometers that recently have become

Gamma-spectrometer for water areas and bottom sediments radiation monitoring by radioactive contamination in the result of scheduled emissions in nuclear power plants or in the result

The measurement of exhaust emissions from the engines fitted in agricultural tractors under real operating conditions the engines fitted in agricultural tractors (plowing). For the measurement of the emissions a portable exhaust

The influence of soil density and the character of radioactive ¹³⁴Cs and ¹³⁷Cs pollution’s distribution on in situ measurements for Japan, suffered by Fukushima nuclear power plant accident. Use of portable and light spectrometers

Development of a high-voltage waveguide photodetector comprised of Schottky diodes and based on the Ge–Si structure with Ge quantum dots for portable thermophotovoltaic converters dots and Fowler emission. It is shown by the analysis of the Raman scattering spectra on the optical

Application of the normalized relative error distribution analysis for non-destructive quality control of drugs by Raman spectroscopy presents a new approach to the analysis of drug spectra obtained with portable Raman spectrometers

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