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A comprehensive characterization of the honeybees in Siberia (Russia)

Genetic diversity of honeybees in Siberia (Russia)

The mrjp3 microsatellite marker: determination of honeybee subspecies or/and royal jelly productivity of bee colony

Genetic diversity of honeybees in different geographical regions of Siberia

Sequence of the Mrjp3 microsatellite Locus in honeybees of different origin

Prevalence of Nosema ceranae (Microsporidia) in the Apis mellifera mellifera bee colonies from long time isolated apiaries of Siberia

Dark-colored forest bee Apis mellifera in Siberia, Russia: current state and conservation of populations

Study of nosema spp. in the Tomsk region, Siberia: co-infection is widespread in honeybee colonies

Formation of Widened Base under The Bored Piles

Strength of Modified Concretes Curing without Care in Dry and Hot Climate Conditions

Страница 1 из 12429