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The influence of cisplatin on transcriptional profile of tumor-associated macrophages of breast cancer and colon cancer

Ammonia sensors based on resistive structures M–SnO2:Sb–M

Points of convergence in Dostoevsky's and Dickens's character portrayal

Reversible pH-sensitive element based on bromocresol purple immobilized into the polymethacrylate matrix

Dynamic changes in retrotransposons methylation status in response of antitumor therapy of lung cancer

The study of CNA-status (copy number aberration) of tumor cells in patients with breast cancer

Circulating DNA-markers in lung cancer: changes in retrotrasposons methylation status in response therapy and during the post-treatment follow-up

RNA sequencing of single cells obtained from immunolabeled tumor sections: the first experience

Production of two-dimensional porous TiNi-based powder material by diffusion sintering and electron-beam processing

Evaluations of temperature ranges forthe growing season period and their use in agriculture in southern West Siberia

Страница 5 из 12429