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ADVENTIVE AMERICAN SPECIES OF PLANTS OF THE COMPOSITAE FAMILY OF THE OREL REGIONThe article discusses 20 adventive American plant species of the family Compositae, registered

Pharmacognostical study of fruits of Serratula coronataPLANTS OF FAMILY COMPOSITAE

STABILITY OF THE CARPOLOGICAL TRAITS OF SOME MEDICAL PLANTS OF TRIBE CARDUEAE (COMPOSITAE) DURING STORAGE IN COLLECTIONThe anatomy of cypselas of 4 species from tribe Cardueae (Compositae) was studied. The specimens

A Study of Siberia's Medicinal Plants Used in Homeopathy and sporophytes, belonging to 52 families. The most represented are the Compositae, Rosaceae, and Lamiaceae

Study on plants and their ecological characteristics in the sand pit regions of Moscow. About 127 species of higher vascular plants from 29 plant families were found on the surveyed sand pits

Do Diversity and Bio-morphological Spectrum of Psammophytes Matter in Restoring Vegetation of Sand Pits? plants from 29 families. Diversity on the southern slopes was more than on the northern ones. Species

Analysis of rare type of plants from botanical graden collection at SRU “Belsu” (Belgorod, Russia)The aim of the study was the comprehensive analysis of rare plants from the collection fund

Anthocyans from fruit of some plants of the caprifoliaceae familyThe qualitative and quantitative compositions of anthocyans from fruit of plants

Micropropagation in vitro of plants of family gentiana and others endemic of plants of Northern Caucasus Sea were executed. For introduction in culture in vitro plants of family Gentiana L., Cariophyllus L

Molecular mechanisms of autophagy in plants: Role of ATG8 proteins in formation and functioning of autophagosomes with autophagy. In contrast to yeasts that carry a single ATG8 gene, plants have multigene ATG8 families

Страница 1 из 1376