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The model of the professional and personal orientation of the teacher of educational reference points the professional activity and a personal maturity of the teacher, his internal

What is its personality and how to form it selection for this quality formation. So person's personality lacks an established, generally accepted

The problems of linguistic modeling of new eurasian linguistic personality in multilinguistic and mental environment (by example of onomasphere) personality and identify the character of interferences resulted in the new features in onomasphere affected

Personal values realization in life crisis conditions and accessibility of personal values as a functional mechanism of man's life space structuring are presented

Adaptation of Personal Names: Transliteration, Transcription or Renomination?Lexical-and-semantic class of personal names is characterized with a number of specific properties

What Is its Personality and How to Form it requests from teacher to solve the problem of pre-determining features of this quality. So person

Personalized education strategies. The purpose of the article is to describe the methodological base of personalized education

The dialogue of kazakh steppe and russian forest: About the character of turkic-speaking linguistic personality on the territory of russian-kazakhstani border-zone Eurasian language personality, there is revealed the interference character, leading to emergence of new

История личности personality. It is shown that the components of the idea personality were based on one another historically

Phraseological units semantically oriented to a male person in the english language female person. Secondly, it illustrates the general criteria of selecting gender-specific phraseological

Страница 1 из 14570