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Design of timber single-span beam with steel reinforcement to solve this problem is steel reinforcement of such structures. The aim of the research work is to show

Analysis of the theory of calculation of fiber-reinforced concrete with non-steel fibersThe fiber-reinforced concrete finds more applications in modern construction. This material has

Reinforced concrete reinforcementThe article deals with the problems of reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures

Deformations and Stresses in the Structural Reinforcement when using Wending RodsIn monolithic construction, when manufacturing reinforcing articles on a construction site

Research on general and axisymmetric ellipsoidal shells used as domes, pressure vessels, and tanks pressurized vessels or as heads and bottoms of cylindrical tanks and vessels. Reinforced concrete

FEATURES OF THE APPLICATION OF BASALT-PLASTIC REINFORCEMENT and steel reinforcement. In addition to steel reinforcement, non-metallic composite reinforcement is used

CLUTCHING CONCRETE WITH BASALTH PLASTIC FITTINGS AND RESEARCH OF PROPERTIES OF BASALT-PLASTIC ARMATURE and basalt plastic reinforcement, and also consider the analysis of the resistance of high-strength steel

Способы повышения пластических свойств холоднодеформированной арматурыMethods of increasing the plastic properties of cold-worked reinforcement

USE OF COMPOSITE REINFORCEMENT IN MARINE FACILITIES of this type were given and also was considered the possibility of replacing steel reinforcement

New trends in steel cord development of reinforcing agents for tires, and also advantages of new types of metal cord over the existing ones are shown.

Страница 1 из 346