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Reactions of trialkylphosphine radical cations with cycloalkenes

Electrochemical Oxidation of Metal Dialkyl Phosphites and Their Reaction with Halogens

Electrochemical synthesis of aryl phosphonates

Competitive reactions method in electrochemistry. A new tool for investigating the anodic intermediates reactivityCompetitive reactions method in electrochemistry. A new tool for investigating the anodic

Electrosynthesis and chemical properties of hexaalkyldiphosphonium salts or tetraethylammonium tetrafluoroborate allows synthesis of a new class of organophosphorus compounds

Reaction of Olefins with Anodically Generated Radical Cations of Trialkyl Phosphites and Dialkyl Trimethylsilyl Phosphites(cycloalkenyl)phosphonates with predominating [alken(cycloalken)-2-yl]phosphonates. A scheme of the process was proposed, which involves attack

Radical Cations of Phosphorous Amides in Reactions with Alkenes the same conditions, hexaethylphosphorous triamide forms a dodecaethylhexaaminodiphosphonium salt

Mechanism of Electrochemical Synthesis of Phosphonium and Quasiphosphonium Salts a new method of electrochemical synthesis of arylphosphonium salts. The electrochemical synthesis

Electrochemical and Catalytic Initiation of Triethyl Phosphite Addition to CyclohexanoneElectrochemical oxidation of triethyl phosphite in the presence of cyclohexanone results in a

Free-Radical Phosphorylation of Olefins Initiated by Anodic Oxidation

Страница 1 из 22189