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Anchorage of Retaining Walls and Antilandslide Structures

Molecular screening of prospective candidates for TRPA₁ ion channel selective antagonists

Nanoparticles as agents for targeted delivery in the treatment of vascular pathologies

The research of abnormal toxicity and local irritant effect in the Draize test of the drug furacilin, concentrate for the preparation of a solution for local and externaluse

Effect of pharmacological preconditioning with incretinomimetics exenatide and vildagliptin on the survival of ischemic tissues

Betahistine: targeting on vascular wall aging

Коррекция ишемических-реперфузионных повреждений сетчатки у крыс с использованием агонистов имидазолиновых рецепторов I, II типов

On mechanism of antiarrhythmic action of some dimethylphenylacetamide derivatives

Search and evaluation of pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic parameters of selective blocker of TRPA₁ ion channels from the group of substituted pyrazinopyrimidinones

2-aminoaethanesulfonic acid compounds possess protective property in reperfusion-induced heart jnjury

Страница 1 из 56776