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Ability of As=S group to form the hydrogen bond

Vibrational, NMR, photoelectron spectra and conformational analysis of seven-membered heterocycles

IR spectral investigation of the structures of the products of the reaction of tertiary arsine oxides with alkyl halides1. The IR spectra of adducts of the [R3AsO]2HHal composition were studied. 2. The broad absorption

Ability of As=S group to form the hydrogen bond

Preparation and vibrational spectra of various esters and chlorides of antimonous acid

Reaction of 2,5-diphenyl-1,2,3-diazaarsole with 2-diazopropane

Dipole moments and molecular spectra of certain derivatives of dibenzalacetone

Isomerism of certain derivatives of benzalacetophenone

New data on the raman spectra of 1,3-bioxepane. Observation of a three-component equilibrium

Vibrational spectra and conformational isomerism of 2-phenoxy-5,6-benz-1,3,2-dioxaphosphepins

Страница 1 из 14665