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Electronic model of waste treatement scheme

Automated management of biotechnosphere of local urban areas

Increasing efficiency territory technospheric safety management based on improving of Earth’s surface satellite images

Landscape components during phraseologism in the Tatar language

Integrated analysis of risks in terms of Russian Arctic zone sustainable development

Approaches to the construction of simulation model of the process optimization of rare plants microclonal propagation

Metod of integral assessment of soil quality in rural-urban areas based on the fuzzy logic

Microclonal propagation of plant process modeling and optimization of its parameters based on neural network

Прецедентные имена со сферой-источником "Политика" в СМИ Великобритании (2010-2019 гг.)

Non-normative ethnonyms and informal toponyms as means of verbal aggressiveness

Страница 1 из 14037