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Lev V. Sabinin

Maks Aizikovich Akivis

On a problem of Chern-Akivis-Shelekhov on hexagonal three-webs-webs. It is known that the structure of any such three-web in a neighborhood of an arbitrary point is uniquely

The phase composition, morphology and compressibility of graphene-zirconia composite nanostructured powderNanostructured composite particles of nano- and submicron sizes were synthesized by a combination

Using WRF mesoscale model to restore temperature profile in atmosphere boundary layer in TomskIn the paper, the possible use of a WRF mesoscale model for the detailed restoring of a temperature

Remote sensing of potential aircraft icing areas

On Optimizing the Procedure of Citizens Reception by Members of RF State Duma. The simplest queuing system M/M/1 includes a device (MP) and stream of citizens’ requests, which displays

Atmosphere pollution assessment caused by enterprises emissions of industrial centres of Irkutsk region: author's abstract thesis for the degree of the Candidate of geographical sciences: speciality 25.00.36 - geoecology

Problems of Reforming of Housing and Communal Services of Cities of Irkutsk Region in the 1990s is the reform of housing and communal services, which provided a radical change from the planning

О "Шестиугольных" решениях некоторых уравнений в частных производных

Страница 1 из 67859