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Effect of Cast Iron Structure and Properties on Contact Quality with an Aluminum Electrolyzer Carbon AnodePhysicomechanical and casting properties are studied for high-phosphorus irons used in the assembly

Strength of shs aluminium cast iron from dispersed mechanical engineering waste structural iron castings with aluminum are established. The analysis of the factors influencing the strength

The effect of yttrium on the distributions of elements in different phase structures and properties of chromium white cast iron in various structural components of chromium white cast iron are presented. It has been established

Chemical baling of oily cast iron turnings and use of bales to substitute expensive and scarce scrapesThe results of the research are presented as the technology of smelting cast iron using iron

Theoretical methods for calculating the structure and properties of cast iron based on Fe-C-Al systems introduction of Fe-C-Al system cast iron is the mismatch of the cast iron structure with the operating

Особенности связей магнитных свойств чугунов с их структурой и магнитные методы контроля структуры чугунных отливок (обзор)Special Features of interactions of magnetic properties of cast iron with their structure

Displaying structural property and inheritance of cast iron surfacing on steel baseGraphite inclusions heredity in deposited layer from remelted special cast iron billets

Structural and phase transformations in cast irons when implanted into the surface layers of nitrogen ions cast iron implanted with nitrogen ions are represented. We study the influence of the shape of graphite

Effects of complex modifiers containing nanocarbon additives on the structure and properties of high-strength cast iron in the field of research on the structure of multicomponent melts of cast iron, the use of heredity phenomena

Formation Mechanism Of Wear Resisting Surface Layer On Cast Iron Moulds By Direct Surface Alloying of direct surface alloying with vanadium cast iron castings is tested. It was investigated macro

Страница 1 из 4134