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Allozyme markers and morphometric variability in the Gastropod Mollusk Nucella Heyseana (Mollusca, Gastropoda) and their association with environmental change

Allozyme and morphometric variability in the dogwhelk, Nucella heyseana (Gastropoda : Muricidae) from Russian and Japanes waters: evidence for a single species under different names : Y. F. Kartavtsev [et al.]

Soil Contamination in the Zone Affected by Waste Products of Tin Ore Processing in the Khabarovsk Region

Yury buida and fyodor dostoyevsky: Types of intertextual connections

Development of meat-and-cereal semi-finished products tailored to the specificity of the gerodietetic nutrition

Mechanical degradation of soils and technogenic surface formations

A. P. Chekhov and artistic creativity of symbolists: report of candidate of philological sciences thesis: specialization 10.01.01 - russian literature

The impact of digitalization on the transformation of human capital during the development of industry 4.0

Supporting the tourism industry in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis: Social tourism and public-private partnership

Aggregation of chlorin E6 tricationic derivative in aqueous solutions in the presence of surfactants

Страница 1 из 390