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Microstructure evolution in a cast 1421Al alloy during hot equal-channel angular extrusion

Internal stresses in a 15%Cr ferritic stainless steel after large strain unidirectional processing

Recrystallization mechanisms in severely deformed dual-phase stainless steel

Fine-grained structure formation in Al-Mg-Sc alloy during hot ECAP

Plastic flow of the mechanically alloyed Fe-0.6%O at temperatures of 550-700°C

Microstructure behavior of Al–Mg–Sc alloy processed by ECAP at elevated temperature

Microstructural evolution in a commercial Al-Mg-Sc alloy during ECAP at 300°C

Creep behavior of an oxide dispersion strengthened iron with ultrafine grain structure

Effect of processing temperature on microstructure development during ECAP of Al-Mg-Sc alloy

Continuous recrystallization in austenitic stainless steel after large strain deformation

Страница 1 из 5965