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Using satellite radiometric and ground based lidar measurements for detection of cirrus clouds, containing ensembles of preferred oriented ice particles

Atmospheric bistatic communication channels with scattering. Part 2. Field Experiments in 2013

Finite Element Method Analysis of Centreless-Lunette Turning of Heavy Shafts

Different variants of cyclosporin studied by NMR: Molecular structure and conformational flexibility

Nikolai Vasilevich Sorokin and his research in botany, mycology, and microbiology at Imperial Kazan University, 1871–1901 of the death of Nikolai Vasilevich Sorokin (1846–1909), an eminent Russian biologist. On this occasion

Index theorems and domain walls

Conformation preference of ibuprofen in chloroform by 2D-3D NMR and GIAO quantum chemistry calculation

Preferred conformation of ibuprofen in chloroform by 2D NOESY

Experimental observation of hidden conformations of strychnine by NMR Spectroscopy

Conformational NMR analysis of small flexible molecules by 2D NOESY

Страница 1 из 12668