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Gut microbiota in chronic constipation disease: a new therapeutic target

Should healthcare organisations offer ongoing rehabilitation services for patients undergoing haematopoietic cell transplant? A narrative review

Clinical features and prognostic value of functional disorders and pulmonary comorbidity in adult patients prior to allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Intensive formation of intermetallic phases under ions implantation by aluminum of titanium target

Isolation of male poultry spermatogonia

Аssessment of quality of waters of the cut bend of the river of Kazanki (Biotesting method)

Translation model, translation analysis, translation strategy: an integrated methodology

Gamification in Corporate Education: Russian Practice

Recovery of spermatogenesis in male chickens by transplantation of donor spermatogonia

Influence of the grain size on the dispersion strengthening of VT1-0 alloy implanted with aluminum ions

Страница 1 из 138