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Measurement of young's modulus and hardness of Al-50 wt % Sn alloy phases using nanoindentationThe nanoindentation method was used to measure the Young's modulus and hardness of the phases

Composite model of the dependence of mechanical properties of anodic aluminum oxide on porosity of the actually used porosity values is 5% for the Young’s modulus and 0.7% for the shear modulus. The results

Influence of the microheterogeneity and crystallization conditions of the Al-50% Sn alloy on the mechanical properties of phase components of the Ingot % Sn melt on the mechanical properties of phase components of the ingot such as the Young modulus

Stress final element analysis at the abatement-implant-bone interfaceYoung modulus

Properties of carbon nanotubes in a chiral model of Graphene for the description of carbon nanotubes. We estimate the Young's modulus for both single-walled and two-walled carbon

Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes in a Chiral Model of Graphene corresponding solutions to the model equations and estimate the Young's modulus. We discuss also the possible

Лабораторное обоснование эффективности предполимеризационного нагрева нанокомпозитного материала. During the tests, the coefficient of linear thermal expansion, glass transition temperature, Young

Changes of the biophysical properties of blood corpuscles from the elderly under mechanical stress in vitroYoungs modulus

Computer simulation of mechanical properties of carbon nanostructures such as Young's modulus, rigidity coefficients, works done in deformation, critical stresses, and relative

Mechanical and elastic properties of new silicon nitride ceramics produced by cold isostatic pressing and free sintering and free sintering are considered. Young׳s modulus, Poisson׳s ratio and shear modulus of investigated

Страница 1 из 792