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Guest exchange in dimeric capsules of a tetraurea calix[4]arene in the solid stateA solid powder of hydrogen bonded dimers of a tetraurea calix[4]arene is able to exchange

Metastable tert-butylcalix[6]arene with unusually large tunable free volume for non-threshold enclathration of volatilesA metastable material with tunable free volume of molecular size, vapor sorption properties of a

Effects of ATP and adenosine on contraction amplitude of rat soleus muscle at different temperatures

Interaction of hydrocortisone with ATP and adenosine on nerve-mediated contractions of frog skeletal muscle μM), a P2 receptor antagonist, abolished inhibitory effect of ATP. A similar inhibitory effect

Registration, insurance, and medical application of biotechnological drugs in Russia

The new methodology of geophysical monitoring for preservation of monuments of architecture monuments. Geophysical monitoring, a new trend in applied geophysics allow to record the changes in physical

Comparative analysis of methanogenic communities in different laboratory-scale anaerobic digesters© 2016 Ayrat M. Ziganshin et al.Comparative analysis of methanogenic archaea compositions

Application of the rescaled range analysis for vibro-acoustic imbalance control of rotary equipment

The effect of substrate and air humidity on morphology of films of L-leucyl-L-leucine dipeptideThe effect of a substrate and air humidity on the morphology of a thin film of L

EPR of rare-earth ion clusters in mixed crystals Ba1-xLa xF2+x doped with Yb3+ ion. Rakhmatullin, A. G. Ziganshin: Appl. Magn. Reson. 28, 41-53, 2005). Clusters consist of trigonal dipoles La

Страница 1 из 22190