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Effect of Homogenizing Heat Treatment of Liquid Aluminum-Copper Alloys on the Structure of Rapidly Crystallized Specimens of alloys of the Al - Cu system, containing from 10 to 32.2 at.% Cu. The first series was fabricated without

Recrystallization behavior of a Ni-20%Cr alloy subjected to severe plastic deformationThe microstructure evolution in a Ni-20%Cr alloy was examined during deformation at large strains

Rare-Earth metals (REMs) in nickel aluminide-based alloys: : II. Effect of a REM on the phase composition of a multicomponent Ni 3Al-based alloy that are based on the intermetallic compound Ni 3 Al and are low alloyed with refractory (W, Re, Mo, Cr

Протекторы для защиты железоуглеродистых сплавов от коррозионного воздействияProtectors for proofing of iron-carbon-alloys from corrosive effect

Mechanisms of Grain Refinement in Aluminum Alloys during Severe Plastic Deformation, by comparing the microstructure evolution in an AA2219 aluminium alloy, containing Al₃Zr nanoscale particles

Formation Mechanism Of Wear Resisting Surface Layer On Cast Iron Moulds By Direct Surface AlloyingThe resource-saving method of direct (oxide) surface alloying and modification of machine parts

Gas permeability of anodized alumina membranes with a palladium-ruthenium alloy layerCompositions with a layer of palladium-ruthenium alloy 0.2 μm thick on thermally stable

Modification and Microalloying of Iron Carbon Alloys Using Industrial Polymer Scrapes in the formation of iron-carbon alloys structure is presented. The effect of additives in minor quantities

Effect of over-aging on the microstructural evolution in an Al-Cu-Mg-Ag alloy during ECAP at 300 degrees C angular pressing (ECAP) at 300 degrees C using a novel Al-Cu-Mg-Ag alloy doped with zirconium and scandium

Microheterogeneity of liquid metallic solutions and its influence on the structure and properties of rapidly quenched alloys alloys is a long-lived metastable or non-equilibrium one with prolonged relaxation time. it is inherited

Страница 1 из 248