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International Conference on aluminum alloys ICAA12 : Resume of ICAA12The twelfth regular international conference on aluminum alloys ICAA12 took place in Yokohama

Effect of Homogenizing Heat Treatment of Liquid Aluminum-Copper Alloys on the Structure of Rapidly Crystallized Specimens of alloys of the Al - Cu system, containing from 10 to 32.2 at.% Cu. The first series was fabricated without

Mechanisms of Grain Refinement in Aluminum Alloys during Severe Plastic Deformation, by comparing the microstructure evolution in an AA2219 aluminium alloy, containing Al₃Zr nanoscale particles

Mechanisms of grain refinement in aluminum alloys in the process of severe plastic deformation aluminum alloys. The evolution of the microstructure in alloy Al – 3% Cu is studied with the help of grain

Electrochemical Dispersion of Aluminum Alloys in an Aqueous Sodium Hydroxide Solution of an aluminum alloy D16 in an aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide under alternating (AC) electric current

Superplasticity in A 2219 aluminum alloyThe aim of this study is to examine a modified processing route for the 2219 alloy

Effect of annealing on the structure and properties of aluminum alloy Al – 8% MM properties and conductivity of aluminum alloy Al – 8% MM is studied. Quantitative characteristics

Grain refinement in as-cast 7475 aluminum alloy under hot equal-channel angular pressingGrain refinement in as-cast 7475 aluminum alloy under hot equal-channel angular pressing

Achieving superplasticity in the 7055 aluminum alloySuperplasticity in a 7055 aluminum alloy subjected to intense plastic straining through equal

Effect of Cu and Zr additions on the superplastic behavior of 6061 aluminum alloy on superplastic behavior of a 6061 aluminum alloy. The results suggest the addition of Zr provides high stability

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