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General trends of comparative linguistic cognitive science in the development of comparative linguistic, cognitive science; it analyzes the preconditions for the formation

Morphology and linguistic interpretationThis paper proposes a cognitive account of the English progressive aspect forms on the basis

Communicative and cognitive features of art discourse and science of languageThe paper describes the communicative and cognitive signs of literary discourse and its

The lingvo-cognitive status of the concept "Quality" in the Russian language world picture : based on the a case study of adjectivesThe article investigates the linguo-cognitive status of concept "Quality" in the Russian National

The cognitive discursive aspect of realization of polyfunctional linguistic units in the mass media (on the material of the gerund)The article deals with a cognitive-discursive research of gerund constructions in online editions

From Linguistic Relativity to OntologicalHow to construct linguistic-ontological models as the main problem of cognitive linguistics

COGNITIVE BASIS OF MAKING CREATIVE DECISIONS IN TRANSLATION ACTIVITIES, and promoting creativity in translation teaching and learning. The paper provides a cognitive mechanism scheme

The correlation between linguistic and conceptual worldviews: The role of metaphor of cognitive linguistics, interpretation of notions 'concept' and 'sphere of concepts' as basic categories

Concepts "personality", "language personality" and the possibility of their modeling in a literary text in terms of the branches of linguistics as sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, lingvosocionics, cultural

Human mental abstraction specificity emergence under distributed communicative pressure=Возникновение абстрактного мышления человека под воздействием коммуникативной распределенностиIt is argued in the paper that human species’ socially distributed cognition is an extension

Страница 1 из 1264