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Development of current financial derivative markets is exposed to a number of factors, which analysis is required to ascertain its strengths and weaknesses

Integrative connection of mathematics and economics indicates the wide possibility of applying the methods and stages of the correlation and regression analysis

ECO-PHYSIOLOGICAL MECHANISMS AGE WOMANS OBESITY: MULTIPLE CORRELATION PHYSIOLOGICAL PARAMETER of correlation relationships in several main groups: increased pulmonary functions, age and triglycerides change

Statistical analysis of the relationship of Russia's GDP and exports of goodsThe article presents the results of a correlation-regression analysis of the relationship between

Correlation analysis in the chemistry of free radicalsPublished data now available on the use of correlation analysis in free-radical chemistry

Permian sections of southern Primorye: A link in correlation of stage units in the standard and general stratigraphic scales correlation levels. The analysis of the mixed west and east boreal Kungurian–early Ufimian and Middle Permian

The youth unemployment in Russia: Convergence and spatial analysis. The analysis based on the panel data for 55 Russian regions in 2002-2013, using four variants of spatial weight

Theoretical-methodological and economical-mathematical approaches to building model of non-observed economy indicators of non-observed economy, we have analyzed it with correlation and regression analysis at micro

Determination of Epoxide and Hydroxyl Groups in Epoxide Resins by IR Spectrometry. A correlation was found between the intensities of some absorption bands for the determination

New data on the antipodal location of the largest landforms of the Earth elevation model ETOPO2 and methods of correlation analysis obtained. The coefficient of association

Страница 5 из 5406