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G. Vladimov's creativity in the assessment of literary criticism - the fate of realism. It is recalled that the attractive force of the artistic method, which is based

"СОЦИАЛЬНЫЙ РЕАЛИЗМ": К ОНТОЛОГИЧЕСКИМ ОСНОВАНИЯМ of social sciences. Social realism is methodological school recognizing the reality of the external world

КРИТИЧЕСКИЙ РЕАЛИЗМ КАК АЛЬТЕРНАТИВНАЯ ОНТОЛОГИЯ В МЕЖДИСЦИПЛИНАРНЫХ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯХ of social sciences .Social realism is methodological direction recognizing the reality of existing

Rudalyov, A. (2018). 4 shots. Moscow: Molodaya gvardiya. (In Russ.) presentation of 'new realism', which had been a focus of intense discussions among literary critics

Bimal k. Matilal's philosophy: Language, realism, dharma, and ineffability of epistemological realism in Bimal K. Matilal's philosophical project. The author offers an analytical view

“The Gray House” by Mariam Petrosyan in the context of the literary tradition of magical realism extremely diverse criticism. The authors pay much attention to the artistic originality of the novel

Critical Realism Against Critical Idealism: a Criticism of Cohen's Idealism V.E. Sesemann, which means a system of regular, necessary calculi. Sesemann's analysis and criticism of idealistic

The romantic paradigm of realist Dostoyevskyliterary criticism

Образ главного героя в романе Т. Драйзера «Финансист»critical realism

A. Rudalyov. 4 shots (A. Zhuchkova) presentation of ‘new realism’, which had been a focus of intense discussions among literary critics

Страница 1 из 924