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Symmetries and first integrals in the mechanics of infinite-dimensional systems was reported. The equation 1 can be an ordinary differential equation, a partial differential equation

Solvability of degenerating hyperbolic differential equations with unbounded operator coefficientsWe consider initial value problems for a number of hyperbolic equations with a power-law degeneracy

Continuous dependence of solutions to functional differential equations on the scaling parameterFor a functional differential equation with rescaling, we establish the Gårdingtype inequality

Elliptic functional differential equation with affine transformationsWe study the Dirichlet problem for a functional differential equation containing shifted

Nonlocal problems and functional-differential equations: Theoretical aspects and applications to mathematical modellingThis paper presents a review of results on nonlocal problems, functional-differential equations

Peano type theorem for abstract parabolic equationsPeano type theorem for abstract parabolic equations

On the Stability of Time-Fractional Schrödinger Differential EquationsIn the present paper, the exact solution for time-fractional Schrödinger differential equation in a

On Global Classical Solutions of Hyperbolic Differential-Difference Equations-dimensional hyperbolic differential-difference equation with an operator acting with respect to a space variable

ASYMPTOTIC ANALYSIS OF INFINITE ORDER SINGULAR PERTURBATED STOCHASTICS DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONConstructing asymptotic solutions of singularly perturbed stochastic differential equations

Asymptotic properties of solutions of the Dirichlet problem in the half-plane for differential-difference elliptic equationsThe Dirichlet problem in the half-plane for elliptic equations containing, in addition

Страница 1 из 1685