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Prospects for digitalization of the Russian economyThe article aims to analyze the prospects of digitalization of the Russian economy. Despite

Transformation of the service industry in digital economyDigital economy affects all aspects of human life, causing significant changes in the business

The main approaches to the cluster development in the Russian economy in the regional economy. The author examines such notions as the cluster core, the intersectorial clusters

Evaluation method development for regional economies competitivenessIn the present article an evaluation method for regional economies competitiveness has been

Trends in the development of the tourism and hospitality industry through the prism of the digital economy the prism of the digital economy. It is noted that digital technologies are changing the landscape

Modern technologies of digital economy as a catalyst for economic growth of regional markets of the Russian FederationThis article contains a conceptual framework that discloses the concept of the digital economy as a

Import substitution policy: concepts, methods of analysis and main areas for improvementeconomy

Sharing Economy in Russia: Current Status, Barriers, Prospects and Role of Universities economy (sharing economy). The paper aims to analyse the current level of use and prospects

DEVELOPMENT OF COLLECTIVE CONSUMPTION ECONOMY IN RUSSIA AND ABROAD BASED ON ANALYSIS OF CARSHARING SERVICE AS AN EXAMPLEThe article contains analysis of collective consumption economy as a new model of economy in modern

DEVELOPMENT OF INNOVATIVE ECONOMY ON THE BASIS OF CLUSTER APPROACHThe center of a research to this work is the cluster approach as a way of innovative economy

Страница 7 из 1066