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Advantages of cluster approach in managing the economy of the Russian Federation, the economy of the nation in general, both research and educational organizations, will have a further

The consept of "new" paternalism and its realisation within the state regualtion of economyIn the article the authors prove the methodological platform of new paternalistic economy which

Assessing public administration and image making efficiency in the region taking into consideration quality of managing black economy and quality of managing hidden economy as well as judicial and legislative power. It develops general

Development of the creative economy, its relationship with the innovation economy in the Republic of BelarusCreative economy – an economy that embodies new ideas in a product and formed by the synergetic

Economy of Russia in 2017: Problems and perspectives examines the main current problems of the Russian economy and analyzes the ways of their solution

TRANSFORMATION OF THE SOCIAL AND LABOR SPHEREIN THE CONDITIONS OF THE FORMATION OF THE DIGITAL ECONOMY economy formation. The concept and structure of the social and labor sphere and the digital economy

Assessment of the state and efficiency of use of fixed capital for the purpose of activization of development of regional economy of development of regional economy

Role of government in innovational reforms of russian economyThis article is devoted to the problem of Russian economy innovational structure creation

Information economy of Belarus and anthropogenous potential of its developmentInformation economy of Belarus and anthropogenous potential of its development

THE ROLE OF THE DIGITAL ECONOMY IN THE INNOVATIVE DEVELOPMENT OF ENTERPRISESOne of the most pressing issues facing modern society is the issue of digitalization of the economy

Страница 8 из 1066