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On the dynamical modeling of COVID-19 involving Atangana–Baleanu fractional derivative and based on Daubechies framelet simulationsIn this paper, we present a novel fractional order COVID-19 mathematical model by involving

A STABLE SECOND ORDER OF ACCURACY DIFFERENCE SCHEME FOR A FRACTIONAL SCHRODINGER DIFFERENTIAL EQUATION for solving a fractional Schrodinger differential equation with the fractional derivative in the Riemann

Mathematical modeling of the semi-Markovian random walk processes with jumps and delaying screen by means of a fractional order differential equation with the parameters α and β resulting in a fractional order integral equation. The purpose of this paper is to reduce

Backward problems in time for fractional diffusion-wave equationIn this article, for a time-fractional diffusion-wave equation , 0 < t < T with fractional order α

Quasi-Inversion method for an evolutionary equation of fractional orderThe paper studies the Cauchy-type problem for the evolutionary fractional-order equation

On an Inverse Problem for an Abstract Differential Equation of Fractional Order=Об одной обратной задаче для абстрактного дифференциального уравнения дробного порядкаOn an Inverse Problem for an Abstract Differential Equation of Fractional Order=Об одной обратной

Numerical solutions of the system of fractional differential equations observing epidemic modelsIn the present study, numerical solutions of system of fractional differential equations observing

On approximate solutions for a class of semilinear fractional-order differential equations in Banach spaces fractional-order semilinear differential equation in a Banach space. We assume that the linear part

Initial-boundary value problems for multi-term time-fractional diffusion equations with x-dependent coefficients in determining the fractional orders in the multi-term time-fractional diffusion equations from one interior

A stability result for the determination of order in time-fractional diffusion equationsThis paper deals with an inverse problem of the determination of the fractional order in time-fractional

Страница 1 из 2858