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Some social foundations of modern higher education development issues of educational area, on the whole, and higher education, in particular, aiming at the main factor of social

The potential of the moderniza-tion of higher education in RussiaThe potential of the moderniza-tion of higher education in Russia

The Higher Educational Institutions of RussiaThe Higher Educational Institutions of Russia

Global Education Space: Russia and the WorldModern education is developing in terms of globalization and integrative processes around the world

Formation of Hybrid Educational Structures in Russian Engineering Education engineering education is given. The influence of integration preferences in the higher education reform

The models of higher education in Russia and european countries at the beginning of the XXIst century: The main directions of developmentThe article examines current trends in the development of the national models of higher education

The development of higher educational institutions innovative potentialIt's necessary to mark that managing innovation activity in higher education institutions is a

Monitoring of the quality of higher education in the university competitivenessThe paper presents the current state of education of higher education in the world labor market

The structure of the managerial system of higher education’s development of a control system of higher education development, the Foundation of which is understanding

ИНВАРИАНТНОСТЬ ВЫСШЕГО ОБРАЗОВАНИЯ В УСЛОВИЯХ ФЕДЕРАЛЬНЫХ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫХ ОБРАЗОВАТЕЛЬНЫХ СТАНДАРТОВNowadays in the Russian Federation higher education system educational activity is conducted

Страница 2 из 3730