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Voluntary Drug Insurance Reforms in RussiaVoluntary Drug Insurance Reforms in Russia

GENERAL PROVISIONS ON THE PERFORMANCE OF THE INSURANCE AGREEMENTThe article deals with general provisions on the performance of the Insurance Agreement

Forecasting the insurance cost of a vehicle using machine learning methodsThe paper considers the task of forecasting the insurance value of customer vehicles in car

Сравнительный анализ медицинского страхования в России и США insurance system in two countries: Russia and the United States. The purpose of this work is to identify

ПЕРСПЕКТИВЫ КИТАЙСКО-РОССИЙСКОГО СОТРУДНИЧЕСТВА В ОБЛАСТИ СТРАХОВАНИЯThe article is devoted to the state of the insurance market in Russia and China. The issues

Criminal liability for insurance fraud in the Romano-German legal systemThe article is devoted to the issue of fighting insurance fraud in the states of Romano

АНАЛИЗ СТРАХОВОГО РЫНКА РОССИЙСКОЙ ФЕДЕРАЦИИ И ЕГО ПЕРСПЕКТИВЫ РАЗВИТИЯThis article analyzes the state of the Russian insurance market from 2014 to the end of 2016

INVESTMENT POTENTIAL OF RUSSIAN INSURANCE COMPANIESThe article explores the investment potential of Russian insurance companies in modern economic

The role of social protection in formation of quality of work life of the formation and development of the quality of work life. The features of the social insurance in Russia today

Insurance as a tool to maintain the agrobusiness financial stabilityThe article is devoted to the Russian system of agricultural insurance as an important tool

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