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Realization of the Right to Health by People with Mental Illnesses of respective tasks that included the analysis of international regulatory framework in order to ensure

Metabolism of microbiota in critical illness (Review and postulates) of microbiota in the critically ill patients, as well as the role of nutrition specialist in the management

Art as a Result of the Highest Achievements of Geniusillness

Study of the microcirculation level in bone with osteoporosis and osteoporotic fractures during therapy with recombinant erythropoietin, rosuvastatin and their combinationsinternal illnesses

Risk factors and molecular entities of the etiopathogenesis of the knee osteoarthritis (literature review)internal illnesses

The change of electrical properties of blood corpuscles under in vitro mechanical stressinternal illnesses

Community-acquired pneumonia: the dynamics of senior medical students’ knowledgeinternal illnesses

The relationship between parameters of the peyer's patches of the small intestine in intact ratsinternal illnesses

Sex differences in COVID-19: the role of androgens in disease severity and progressionseverity of illness index

ENSURING THE PRINCIPLE OF NON-DISCRIMINATION IN HEALTH CARE of international regulatory framework in order to ensure the rights of people with mental illnesses, the review

Страница 1 из 4126