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Circulability of medicines in Russia: historical and legal retrospectiveThe article analyzes legal aspects of circulability of medicines in Russia. The medicines may

Arginase inhibitor in the pharmacological correction of endothelial dysfunctioninternal medicine

Hematologic state of elderly diabetes patients against metabolic disordersinternal medicine

Metaboloic disorders in elderly diabetes patientsinternal medicine

Comparison of vasopressin and oxytocin expressions in the hypothalamo-neurohypophysial system of patients with chronic heart failureinternal medicine

Morphological characteristics of the pancreatic heterotopia in the major duodenal papillainternal medicine

Clinical case of acute chord rupture of the mitral valve posterior leaflet in older patient with comorbiditiesinternal medicine

Approach to diagnosis of liver fibrosis: serum markers reviewinternal medicine

Фреймовая объективация медицинских интернациональных терминов-эпонимов knowledge representation, and serving for its conceptual structuring. The medical international eponym terms

Quality information for quality use of medicines; 2nd International Conference, Kazan, 15-16 October 2010Kazan hosted Russia's first international conference on medicines that was entirely independent

Страница 1 из 4297