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Community-acquired pneumonia: the dynamics of senior medical students’ knowledgemedicine

The relationship between parameters of the peyer's patches of the small intestine in intact ratsmedicine

Cardialgia in calculous cholecystitis (Russian)internal medicine

Медицинское образование в Российском университете дружбы народов America liberated from colonialism in the 1950s and 1960s. UDN became the world’s first international

Metapher als Benennungsquelle der medizinischen und mathematischen Eponymterminimedicine

Medicinal plants in the Altai Mountains: reserves of raw materials and annual possible volumes of harvestingRussia is one of the leading exporters of wild medicinal plants in Europe, and the Altai Mountains

Medicinal plants from the 14th edition of the Russian Pharmacopoeia, recent updatesEthnopharmacological relevance: Herbal medicine in Russia has a long history starting

Scientific advances of Kazan' State Medical University in studying the topical problems in occupational medicine. Hygienic, medicinal, prophylactic, and organizational measures have been developed for improving the labor

Management of patients with digestive diseases during the COVID-19 pandemic. Clinical Practice Guidelines by the Russian scientific medical society of internal medicine (RSMSIM) and the Gastroenterological Scientific Society of Russia (2nd edition)). The presented clinical practice guidelines of the Russian Scientific Medical Society of Internal Medicine

Genes Involved in Vascular Homeostasis are responsible for alterations in erythrocyte membrane proteins in patients with essential hypertensionmedicine

Страница 4 из 4297