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Association of polymorphic markers rs243865 and rs3025058 with the development of arterial hypertensionmedicine

I.V. Bertenson-a man who stood at the origin of preventive medicine, health care organizer and public figure (to the 125th anniversary of his death) of the founders of the journal "Archive of forensic medicine and public hygiene" and the first editor

Optimization of pharmaceutical care for children with joint diseases; to determine the medicinal budget and to optimize the medical supply of children's medical organizations

THE INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE OF PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS PRICE REGULATION (ON EXAMPLE OF EUROPE)This article analyzes the international experience of pharmaceutical products price regulation

Market research of russian market of medicinal preparations used in therapeutics of acute respiratory viral infection in pregnant womenThis paper deals with the conducted market research of Russian medicinal preparations used

Possibility of Keeping Health of the Population of Russia with Application of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Chinese Medicine

The Evolution and Innovation in the Regulation of Priority Areas of a Sustainable Development of Pharmaceutical Sector the quality of medicines and access to medicines

Assessment of the potential of the pharmaceutical information environment in the region, modeling, and internal spheres. Its participants, target groups, relationships between them, and factors

Features of International and Regional Pharmacovigilance SystemsIntroduction. Ensuring the safety of medicines is the basis for the existence and functioning

Botkin's cardiac syndrome in calculous cholecystitis (Russian)internal medicine

Страница 5 из 4297