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Geoecological problems of urban land pollution in contact zones with iron ore production proximity to iron ore mining and processing facilities in the territory of Starooskol-Gubkin industrial area

Iron ores processing waste materials utilization in soft-mud molding ceramic bricks productionThe issues of iron ores processing secondary products utilization in combination with other

Solution of geoecological problems in underground mining of deep iron ore deposits with backfilling in a deeplevel ore mine exposed to high horizontal stress of 5H. Backfill mixture is prepared

Composition of native gold in ores of pyrite deposits of the UralsVarious forms of gold in pyrite ores. For the first time, native form of gold in pyrite ores

High-grade iron ores of KMA as a raw material for metalizationMineralogical composition of rich iron ores of KMA deposits is considered in the work, with the aim

Economic regulation of land use in iron ore mining areas. Mineral mining industry enjoys rapid development in many regions of Russia. Major iron ore production

Association of simple (1T, 3R) and complex six-layer polytypes of lizardite from kimberlite pipe Catoca (Angola)Iron compounds

Application of space-based processing technologies to estimating environmental conditions of mining landscape objects in Korshunov iron ore field estimated current mining conditions in Korshunov iron ore field in the Irkutsk Region. The evaluation

Modern geochemical situation in the area of mining facilities of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (by the example of Mikhailovsky GOK) of the Mikhailovsky ore mining and processing enterprise are presented. The statistical analysis of pollutant

Deep concentration of high-grade iron ore in the Belgorod region of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly in the composition of naturally occurring high-grade ore with a view to producing high-quality iron ore feedstock

Страница 1 из 662