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Prototypical Notions of Minority Languages in the Soviet Union and Russia: “Native Language” (rodnoj âzyk) and “National Language” (nacional’nij âzyk)The categorization of minority languages is a mental construct, and therefore goes back to certain

TO THE QUESTION OF RUSSIAN- LANGUAGE LITERATURE AS A FACTOR FOR PRESERVING THE VITALITY OF THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGEThe article is devoted to the preservation of survival (vitality) of the Russian language through

Improving efficiency of teaching the tatar language to a foreign audience© The author(s). In the article we consider the state of teaching the Tatar language in Russian

LANGUAGE TRAINING FOR PUBLIC SERVICES SPHERE in public services which are under way in many countries have put emphasis on language training and language

Listening as a method of learning a foreign language at the non-language faculty of the university© Author(s).Learning a foreign language is becoming an increasingly important with Russia

Language identification system for the Tatar languageThis paper describes a speech identification system for the Tatar, English and Russian languages

Modeling the Distribution and Modification of Writing in Proto-Chinese Language CommunitiesBrief information about the Chinese language and Chinese linguistic communities is given

Language education in the regions of Russia and Canada: A comparative analysis© 2016 Slavina.This article is focused on the language policy comparative analysis necessity

Russian world – language and culture – in cis countriesThe article studies the problem of the Russian language in the countries of the former Soviet Union

Ways to overcome the cross-language interference at teaching Turkic-speaking attendance in Russian languageThe article deals with the causes of the occurrence of cross-language interference at teaching

Страница 1 из 1753