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Modern integration geopolitical dynamics as an object of philosophical analysis by the threats of radical transformations that may be associated with weakening of the local social and cultural

On the Blow-Up Criterion for Incompressible Stokes–MHD EquationsOur aim is to establish a blow-up criterion for the local strong solutions in terms of the gradient

Smart Spline-Based Robot Navigation on Several Homotopies: Guaranteed Avoidance of Potential Function Local Minima Function Local Minima

Multi–criteria evaluation in terms of Slovak local government-case study of Trencin region and managing. Efficiency evaluation based on multiple criteria is a more complicated option, but on the other

Alternative criteria for the boundedness of volterra integral operators in lebesgue spacesThree different criteria for Lp -Lq boundedness of Volterra integral operator (1.1) with locally

Upgrading the Evaluation System of Local Government Performance EfficiencyThe paper justifies the selection criteria of the evaluation indicators of local government

Methods of verification of compliance with an asymptotically power law of finding local power approximation of the considered series for each range of ranks, after which one

Geological criteria and geophysical methods of natural bitumen deposits preparation to the development
in the form of intense local minima of gravity. A favorable factor contributing to the "strengthening

РОЛЬ АМБИПОЛЯРНОГО ПОЛЯ В ФОРМИРОВАНИИ ФРЭ И КРИТЕРИИ ИСПОЛЬЗОВАНИЯ ЛОКАЛЬНОГО ПРИБЛИЖЕНИЯIt is shown that the local approximation for determining the EDF and other characteristics

ОБ УСЛОВИЯХ КОМПАКТНОСТИ В ПРОСТРАНСТВАХ ϕ(L)In this paper, we give criteria for the compactness of sets in the spaces ϕ(L) consisting

Страница 1 из 541