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Simulation modeling in problems of management of innovative activity of enterprisesThe article deals with the application of simulation modeling methods in solving problems

Neural-network simulation of diesel operation under a nonsteady load. Numerical experiments are based on a model, a neural network, and test-bench data.

Modelica-based TCP simulationFor the study and verification of our mathematical model of telecommunication systems a discrete

Nontrivial stationary points of two-species self-structured communitiesThe two-species model of self-structured stationary biological communities proposed by U. Dieckmann

Computable models of the cooperation of digital economies of world model of V. Leontyev of VV is brought, optimizing tasks are formulated, substantiation

Modeling and simulation of reliability function of a homogeneous hot double redundant repairable system of their repair time. With the help of the developed general discrete-event simulation model we extend

Formal models in international studies of models used in international studies (game theoretic, econometric, network analysis, simulation

On a possible approach to a sport game with discrete time simulation to finish the game. Then we use a simulation system, modeling the match, to allow an arbitrary change

Mathematical simulation of stable and equilibrium river bed profiles and slopesTwo approaches to the simulation of stable and equilibrium longitudinal profiles and slopes

Computer Simulations of Benzene Adsorbed on Graphite. 1. 85 KComputer simulations of the structure and energy of benzene layers adsorbed on graphite at 85 K

Страница 1 из 3924