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Plant extracts in development of medicinal products of various therapeutic valueDevelopment, standardization and use of medicinal products of plant origin and various therapeutic

Analysis of the economic affordability of antiviral medicines included in the restrictive lists of medicinesOne of the main indicators characterizing the efficiency of the medicines circulation system

The proresilients in multimodal programmes for the prevention of premature ageingmedicine

The proresilients in multimodal programmes for the prevention of premature ageingmedicine

Access to medicines: Case studies from Russia and Kyrgyzstan© The Author(s) 2020. We report medicine prices, availability and affordability in Russia

Structure of chemical compounds, methods of analysis and process control: Dart mass spectrometry: Rapid analysis of soft medicinal formulationsThe possibility of using the DART mass spectrometry method for rapid analysis of soft medicinal

The History of Phytotherapy for Cardiac Diseases in the Republic of Belarus cardiovascular disease on a broader scale. Some of the medicinal botanicals (motherwort, hawthorn, mistletoe

Second annual interuniversity scientific and practical conference on psychosomatic medicine in Russia: Advances and prospects-2016 Conference on Psychosomatic Medicine in Russia: Advances and Prospects-2016", which was attended by more than

Extracellular Vesicles: New Perspectives of Regenerative and Reproductive Veterinary Medicine medicine, applications of these technologies are under development.

Features of translation of medical instructions from English and French languages into Russian (Pharmacological discourse) of medicines from English and French into Russian. Translation of medical instructions is a private form

Страница 2 из 776