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Capillaroscopy of the nail wall skin in personality identificationforensic medicine

Veterinary public health and its importance in human infectious pathology [Veterinarnoe zdravookhranenie i ego znachenie v infektsionnoi patologii cheloveka.]veterinary medicine

Quality information for quality use of medicines; 2nd International Conference, Kazan, 15-16 October 2010Kazan hosted Russia's first international conference on medicines that was entirely independent

Brown mycelial mat as an essential morphological structure of the shiitake medicinal mushroom lentinus edodes (Agaricomycetes) mycelial mat of the xylotrophic shiitake medicinal mushroom, Lentinus edodes, not only performs a

Evaluation of Social Efficiency of the Project of Creation an Innovative Medicinal ProductThe work examines the methods of evaluating efficiency of an innovative medicinal product, which

The principles of the pharmaceutical law in solving problems of supplying patients with mental health problems with extemporal medicines improper distribution of medicines, including extemporaneous formulations, to patients suffering from

Technology of Personalized Preventive Recommendation Formation Based on Disease Risk AssessmentP4 medicine

Reproductive and therapeutic editing of human genes and gene modification of plants and animals in terms of legislation and research activity restrictions in BrazilBrazilian Federal Council of Medicine

On doctor's criticism: An interdisciplinary approachMedicine and science

Interchangeability of medicininal products: comparative aspectsinterchangeability of medicinal products

Страница 7 из 776