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Nonlinear optical sensors on metal nanoparticles synthesized by ion implantationRecent results on ion synthesis and nonlinear optical properties of metal nanoparticles in various

New-generation thermotechnical steels for power-plant machine buildingmetals

Formation of the z-phase and prospects of martensitic steels with 11% Cr for operation above 590°Cmetals

Cracking of Ti₂AlNb-based alloy after laser beam welding metal (BM), during laser beam welding (LBW) at room temperature was considered. It was determined

Application of agrochemical methods of reducing the input of heavy metals from soil to agricultural products accumulation of chemicals atypical for biosphere, including heavy metals. The accumulation of these substances

Laser Annealing of Metal Nanoparticles Synthesized in Glasses by Ion Implantation pulses with glass containing ion-synthesized metal nanoparticles (MNPs) are described. Original results

The growth and electrical properties of tantalum nanowires self-organized under the porous alumina film and chemical properties has been the current trend in science and technology. Anodizing under certain

Assessment and zoning of the urban area according to the level of heavy metal pollutionUrban area ranking according to the level of heavy metal pollution with identification of four

Distribution of heavy metals in anthropogenic soils: On the example of the industrial zone of MoscowThe article presents the results of the assessment of the distribution of heavy metals content

Earth-abundant 3d-transition-metal catalysts for lignocellulosic biomass conversionTransformation of biomass to chemicals and fuels is a long-term goal in both science and industry

Страница 6 из 5281