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Effect of deformation mechanisms on dynamic recrystallization of ferrite stainless steeltechnology of metals

On the structure and strength of severe strained metal matrix composite Al-30% SiCwOn the structure and strength of severe strained metal matrix composite Al-30% SiCw

Experience of metal deposits combined development for South African enterprises metals from ores is used as an alternative to the traditional technology of metal production, i.e. in

Independent method of Au determination in different materials by applying (ƴ,ƴ')m-reactionmetal technology

Thermal stability and mechanical properties of nanostructured nickel based alloy inconel 718metal technology

Superplastic deformation of the 2009-15% SiCw composite powder technology method has been studied by tension and compression tests. The effects of modes

Scientific and Technological Innovations in the Reprocessing Metal-Containing Industrial Waste and Industrial Waste of Polymeric Materials by Metallurgical MethodsThe paper studies the mechanism of using baling charge and modifying materials, including metal

Superplastic blow forming of 2219 aluminum alloymetal technology

Internal stresses in a 15%Cr ferritic stainless steel after large strain unidirectional processingmetal technology

Прямое изготовление металлических деталей с применением LOM-технологииDirect manufacturing of metal parts using LOM-technology

Страница 1 из 3742