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New media practices in BangladeshThis article examines the dynamics of new media and web journalism in Bangladesh with an emphasis

TRANSFORMATION OF THE MEDIA FROM TRADITIONAL MEDIA TO NEW MEDIA the Internet as a new communication channel with a key role of online media. Options of classification

Social mechanisms of media institutions: The genesis of recipient's preferencesWithin the framework of sociology of media the author explains the behavior of target audiences

Interview as a genre of new media communication: Rhetorical relations and pragmatic effectsThe article presents the results of the research of interview as a genre of new media. Special

HOW NEW MEDIA BECOMES A PLATFORM FOR PUBLIC PARTICIPATIONThis paper aims to write the phenomenon of new media become a platform for public participation

Web2.0 concept as its main driver of Contemporary Education cyberspace competence of the modern teacher. The teacher's work with media texts presupposes the formation of new

MEDIA DISCOURSE SPACE IMPACT ON THE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF UNDERGRADUATE AND GRADUATE STUDENTSThe mass media of the first decades of the new millennium (the new media), are characterized

Educational potential of new mediaThe paper defines the communicative and cultural status of new media, characterizes the socio

Features of new media texts in the modern internet journalism features of news reports presented in on-line versions of national mass-media. The rapid development

Mass media of Latvia: Its historical development and modernityThe historical and modern stages of development of traditional and new mass media in the media

Страница 1 из 5180